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Peoples Forests Partnership Launch at COP26

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The Peoples Forests Partnership was launched in Glasgow with facilitating members Forest Trends, RECOFTC, Wildlife Works, Everland, and GreenCollar.

Peoples Forests Partnerships' panel discussion at COP26, Making Climate Finance Work for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Securing Safeguards and Direct Climate Financing. Left to right: Beto Borges (moderator, Forest Trends), Harol Rincon (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon, OPIAC), Marciely Ayap Tupari (Women of the Brazilian Amazon), Wrays Perez (Autonomous Territorial Government of Wampis Nation), Francisca Arara (Regional Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Communities of the Governors' Climate Task Force), Nonette Royo (The Tenure Facility, Asia), Gustavo Sánchez(Commission of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples Forests), Marina Mayer (Forest Trends, translation). Watch the panel discussion.

The panel was followed by a reception party that was attended by most of the Indigenous community members who attended COP26. Powerful impromptu speeches were made, including one by Gregoria Mirabel who passionately made the case that the only way forward is to acknowledge Indigenous women leaders.

Attendees at the Peoples Forests Partnership evening launch event in Glasgow. Festivities included dinner, cocktails, and special live performances by indigenous artists, DJ Eric Marky Terena and Daniela Procopio & Trio.DJ. More highlights coming and on our Instagram page.

Eric Marky Terena

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