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1. Respect for the rights, lands and resources of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs)

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will respect and uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. IPLC rights are listed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and the ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal People. IPLC rights include the right: 

  • To enjoy the full range of human rights without any discrimination

  • To life and livelihood

  • To actively participate in all activities and decision-making processes that impact their land, resources or people

  • To dignity, equity and equality

  • To preserve and strengthen social, cultural, political, religious and spiritual values and institutions

  • To not be displaced

  • To seek redress

  • Other rights as enumerated in the Declaration and the Convention


Where there is a conflict or lack of clarity in local and regional laws, all Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will respect traditional rights and traditional methods to resolve conflicts.

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will respect and, where feasible, will strengthen IPLC rights to land and efforts to maintain their traditional knowledge, customs and practices. Land rights can include the right to ownership or stewardship, the right to strengthen territorial governance, and the right to manage their lands and their resources.

2. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) and IPLC terms and perspectives

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will accommodate reasonable IPLC terms, conditions, perspectives and requirements in contracts and in project and program activities. They will achieve this through comprehensive and meaningful community engagement before and during the process of obtaining FPIC for each project and activity.


3. IPLC participation and grievance mechanism

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will afford IPLCs full, meaningful and effective opportunities to participate in the decision-making, implementation, monitoring and other processes associated with the projects and programs of the Peoples Forests Partnership. Meaningful involvement of IPLCs requires transparency and free access to information throughout the full project and program cycle, including development, investment and implementation. It also requires access to a robust and effective grievance and redressal mechanism through which IPLCs can resolve their concerns and impacts arising from projects and programs. 

4. Fair and equitable revenue sharing 

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will ensure that revenue resulting from climate finance projects or programs involving IPLCs is directly accessible to IPLCs for self-determined investments in their social, environmental, cultural and spiritual projects in their territories as established by their governance instruments. The share of revenue directed by projects and programs to IPLCs is fair and transparent; aims for an inclusive and equitable flow of benefits to women, youth and other marginalized groups; and is responsive to IPLC aspirations, priorities and expectations.

5. Good governance

All IPLC Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will demonstrate transparent and effective forms of governance. They will define how their territories are managed, and how they respect the rights of and meet their obligations to their community members. IPLCs will aim to demonstrate inclusive governance mechanisms that enable the meaningful participation of women, youth and other marginalized groups in all decision-making processes.

6. Positive impact on livelihood and biodiversity

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership commit to designing projects and programs under the Peoples Forests Partnership that deliver positive impacts on livelihoods, employment, food security, biodiversity protection and conservation, resilience and socioeconomic development of IPLCs, as suggested by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

7. High-quality practices

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership commit to meeting the climate targets, using the highest-quality credible standards and accreditation programs, using science-based methods for estimating carbon credits and best practices for project management. In the design of projects and programs, they work together to prevent conservation reversion risks, leakage, displacement of environmental and social negative impacts during the project and program and its design and implementation. 

8. Spirit of collaboration

All Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will cultivate a spirit of collaboration and share information and knowledge. They will facilitate the effective implementation of projects and programs by learning about and engaging with each other’s policies, practices, cultures and traditions.

9. International and local obligations

Members of the Peoples Forests Partnership will adhere to their different responsibilities under international, national, regional and local laws, and to different voluntary commitments. They commit to meeting their respective obligations towards IPLCs, climate targets and other commitments to conserving and protecting forests. 



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