By 2030 the partnership aims to mobilize at least $20 billion per year in long-term, private corporate contractual financial flows to community-based forest conservation projects.



photo: Filip Agoo


As the world’s forest stewards and community members, Indigenous Peoples, traditional owners, and local communities (IPLC) hold the skills and knowledge to protect and manage forests, helping to meet Paris Agreement targets. However, only 1% of current climate finance has directly reached these communities.


Peoples Forests Partnership aims to improve pathways for investment, and create equitable, accessible mechanisms for forest communities to engage with climate and conservation finance.


Rapidly grow the number and scale of community-based forest conservation economies within relevant subnational and national programs to eliminate tropical deforestation by 2030 and meet global climate commitments.

Create innovative flows of direct climate finance that recognize and invest in communities protecting their lands and support their self-determination and long-term capacity to do so.

  • Safeguard the rights and grow bioeconomies that sustain the livelihoods of over 50 million people in forest communities.

  • Safeguard irrecoverable carbon stocks and reduce CO 2 emissions from deforestation each year by at least 2 billion tonnes.

  • Protect 200 million hectares of forests with high carbon and low deforestation from outside threats

  • Protect at least 500 million hectares of threatened tropical forest and their biodiversity globally.

photo: Roun Ry



Create and harness innovative flows of climate finance that 1) recognize and invest in communities who protect and are striving to protect their lands and 2) support their long-term capacity to do so through territorial governance that will fill a gap in current climate finance efforts. Our vision is to create a platform and resource to support and scale this. 

Our collective expertise is already allowing us to build the infrastructure and relationships that connect consenting Indigenous Peoples, Traditional Owners and Local Communities (IPLC) to the resources they need to participate directly and effectively in long-term climate finance. Facilitating members of the Peoples Forests Partnership have already secured financing for a portfolio of community-based forest conservation projects that will deploy $2 billion in private investment and stop at least 200 million tonnes of deforestation emissions over the next ten years. 

We are committed to providing and collaborating on knowledge share processes for concrete guidance on credible resources available to IPLCs and other stakeholders, such as environmental market standards, criteria for direct engagement, best practices for FPIC, project development and safeguard processes with IPLCs, and diverse sources of funding from our private and public sector members. This will include both performance- and non-performance-based funding to IPLCs to support territorial governance, direct benefits to communities, and other finance options that align with IPLC values.  

We actively seek additional voluntary commitments and action from private sector entities and other actors who share this vision.